Tempat Kerja Di Bawah Jembatan

Luar biasa gais. Kalo di Indonesia ga bisa begini caranya. Tempat kerja didesain khusus berada di bawah jembatan. Tempat kerja dibuat di bawah kolong jembatan, memaksimalkan area kosong yang ada.

Tempat kerja ini hasil ide sadess dari designer bernama Fernando Abellanas, Spanyol. Niatnya hanya untuk menggunakan sisa tempat yang ada di bawah jembatan diubah menjadi tempat kerja yang nyaman.

Coba aja ini ada di Indonesia. Panas banget gaiss. Banyak nyamuk ya?

Secret studio installed under a bridge by @lebrelfurniture in an undisclosed location See more photos, video: cabinporn.com Fernando Abellanas writes: "I would like to present my latest project related to huts. Not the type of idyllic hut you would find in the middle of the woods but rather tiny spaces recovered from the city itself were you can hide from the city’s hectic pace. These are locations that due to its architecture, location or size have become useless and people hardly notice when walking by. When we discover, analyze and inhabit these places it reminds us of the feelings of isolation, peace and protection we experienced during childhood when hiding under the dining table surrounded with a long table cloth all around. This project is just one of a long list of spaces I have discovered along the years and acted upon in some way. In this case I wanted to make use of the structure under a bridge and use it as rails to drive a simple hut along the beams. At the end of the route the moving hut structure meets the furniture that makes it a useful and homely space. In this way the approaching action creates a dialogue between isolation and protection (5 meters above ground) and the joining of hut and furniture, house and home, body and soul. All of this in an environment where vegetation and concrete live together." . Video, Photos: José Manuel Pedrajas / @ecotono #cabinporn

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